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We are a week into the new year and one of your resolutions  is most likely to find a new job in 2011. Where do you start?


The internet has made it easier to find new job openings and research companies. Popular job search engines like Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, Dice, LinkedIn, and Craigslist provide job seekers a variety of job opportunities. Today you can keep track of your account using your mobile phone using their free apps.

 Social Media


You may be reluctant to sign up for a Twitter account, and you don’t need an account to search for jobs. On the Twitter.com home page you can enter words into the search box.

The search results you get back are a result of tweets with hashtags, which are words preceded by the number sign (#jobs).  You can make it specific to “Accounting jobs” and the search results are updated live.

I recommend reading How To: Use Twitter Hashtags to Boost Your Job Search on Mashable for more basics on using Twitter.


It’s important to update your LinkedIn profile. Update your picture, jobs/titles, summary, etc. Add people to your network. Networking helps you where Monster and other websites can’t. That is to say, you make connections with people that work somewhere, recommend you or provide information about their jobs.


Some websites may ask you to upload your resume in pdf format to avoid viruses. On Word 2007, you choose the option “Save As” a PDF instead of .doc or .docx.

Before you send it, make sure you look at our post Getting the Job: Resume & Interview Tips


Good luck!


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Are you ready when disaster strikes?

Living in California we have to be prepared for earthquakes. Unlike a hurricane , there is no way to predict an earthquake. For the most part, we only worry about earthquakes after they happen; like the old saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.” However, have you ever thought what would happen if you were at work while an earthquake occured? What about a fire or other emergencies?

It is important to ask your superiors what that plan is in case  of an emergency. Buildings have specific exits–they are usually labeled–as well as fire extinguishers and first aid kits. Under my desk there is a red “Survival Kit” and it has various items; such as, batteries, glow stick, tissue, water (with a five-year shelf life),emergency rations, etc.  This is neat because the best place to protect myself from a quake would be under my desk any way.

Websites such as US Geological Survey provide people with valuable information that may debunk what you previously thought about standing under a doorway during an earthquake as well as many other myths. Their FAQ section is filled with information everyone who live in an earthquake prone area.

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