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Although I have blogged about resume writing before, this time I would like to include new information that will help you update your resume for future submittals.

There are innovative ways to present your resume that look great; however, they are not working for you if they lack key pieces of information.

Contact Information

What should you include?

First Last Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip
Phone (Cell/Home)
Email Address

Many of you may be skeptical about including your address in your resume, but you are making it harder for the recruiter to include you in their search. You may be willing to drive 30 miles one way to work, however that distance could be the deal breaker for the employer.

Degree v Skills


What is the salary difference between a degree from XYZ prestigious university and a degree from ABC state college? According to Riviera Partners’ placement data, the difference is about $12,482. The difference is not as much as what most people assume it is; however, those that graduated from prestigious universities had to pay more tuition than those in state and jr colleges.


Resumes are parsed into a database that recruiters are able to access and browse by field. The recruiters browse through hundreds and thousands of resumes in search of a candidate with skills specific to a job order.

The skills and experience content in your resume will determine your qualifications for that specific position.


Recent graduates should read our post on the importance of internships.

Gaps in employment are not uncommon, but should be filled with relevant information such as volunteer work. Doing volunteer work is fulfilling and beneficial to your career. A cover letter may be used to explain employment gaps, but they are often not parsed.

Don’t forget to give examples!



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We are a week into the new year and one of your resolutions  is most likely to find a new job in 2011. Where do you start?


The internet has made it easier to find new job openings and research companies. Popular job search engines like Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, Dice, LinkedIn, and Craigslist provide job seekers a variety of job opportunities. Today you can keep track of your account using your mobile phone using their free apps.

 Social Media


You may be reluctant to sign up for a Twitter account, and you don’t need an account to search for jobs. On the Twitter.com home page you can enter words into the search box.

The search results you get back are a result of tweets with hashtags, which are words preceded by the number sign (#jobs).  You can make it specific to “Accounting jobs” and the search results are updated live.

I recommend reading How To: Use Twitter Hashtags to Boost Your Job Search on Mashable for more basics on using Twitter.


It’s important to update your LinkedIn profile. Update your picture, jobs/titles, summary, etc. Add people to your network. Networking helps you where Monster and other websites can’t. That is to say, you make connections with people that work somewhere, recommend you or provide information about their jobs.


Some websites may ask you to upload your resume in pdf format to avoid viruses. On Word 2007, you choose the option “Save As” a PDF instead of .doc or .docx.

Before you send it, make sure you look at our post Getting the Job: Resume & Interview Tips


Good luck!

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Avoid making these mistakes during your interview, and increase your chances of closing the deal.

Being Late

Being Unprepared

Second, being unprepared for interview questions can cause you to digress from the question by  rambling on and on…. Rehearse! Be ready to answer questions like “why are you looking for a new job?” or “tell me about yourself” and be specific.

  • Being under dressed to the interview

What you should do to avoid this mistake? First things first, go to the interview dressed appropriately. It’s better to be over dressed to an interview than being dressed too casual. The job may not require a suit and tie every day, but if you can look your best then you have made a positive first impression.

  • No examples that demonstrate your skills

What you should do to avoid this mistake?  Avoid giving general answers like “I’ve worked with balance sheets, income statements, Microsoft Office…” Instead you should respond by giving specific examples that have quantitative data. You’ve probably worked on a project, so explain what you did. Let the interviewer know how much money you saved the company. “I saved the company $10,000” sounds better than “I saved the company money.” Other candidates may be leaving out details that can make you stand out.

  • You have not researched the company & you do not have any questions

 Once the interviewer is done asking you questions they’ll ask you if you have any questions for them. If you don’t have any regarding the company itself, ask the interviewer how he/she has been able to progress. You should definitely have looked up the company before your interview on their website, LinkedIn and other social networking sites.

Bad Mouthing Your Bosses/Company

In the news we’ve heard about people being fired for social media updates bad mouthing their bosses. Similarly, it is not the best idea to bad mouth your boss because you may come across as a disgruntled employee.  It is in your best interest to come across as positive .

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Winston Churchill

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Yesterday the words “unwritten résumé”  were brought up in a conversation, and I realized that many people don’t think beyond their professional résumé. Many of us have posted our résumé on LinkedIn and on job boards then we either got a call back or didn’t. The times you didn’t get a call back, you question why they didn’t bother to interview you or get the job. You’re unwritten résumé may be the reason behind that.

  • Here’s an example… Abc company has a job opening that is perfect for you.
    • You submit your résumé, you get a call, and you get the interview.
  • Here’s where things may go wrong… 
    • You didn’t go to the interview because you don’t want your current employer to find out.
  • Here’s what you could have done
    • You could have gone on your lunch break.
    • Depending on your work dress code, you may want to have some extra clothes in your car to change into for the interview.
    • Be straight forward with the interviewer. You don’t want to waste their time, and risk getting a bad reputation.

Don’t close the door on the opportunity of a life time!

Pro-Tem Solutions works with some of the most seasoned recruiters, that browse through many résumés daily, and they have interview many people throughout their career. Recruiters and line managers have certain impressions that may affect your placement. As a result, when jobs become available they will typically have someone in mind. Recruiters have recommendations from people they trust, they or someone they know have/has been in contact with you in the past.

Before ending this post… think about the things people can say about you professionally–good and bad–and how you can improve or change how they feel about you.

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As we enter the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, you can imagine the hustle and bustle to meet deadlines, finish projects, and spend money. Businesses want to complete these tasks and they need all the help they can get.

The fourth quarter arrives, and all you can do is think to yourself,”the year is almost over, what did I do this whole time?”  You might need a reminder of the organizational goals that were set at the beginning of the year. As a result, employers and employees–alike–are motivated to before the new fiscal year begins.  

Each department within the organization is looking to meet their year goals, but might not have enough man power to get there. According to the Vault, “temp jobs are surging.” That is to say that some companies may be unsure about the future, so they tend to want to hire temporary, part-time or contract employees instead of full-time. Job seekers benefit from situations like these, as more opportunities become available from temporary to full-time.

 As a job seeker you should have an updated résumé ready to submit, and your eyes on social media vehicles. Post your résumé on websites. I have placed a screen shot of what it should look like on the home page. This gives you the opportunity to be noticed by recruiters who browse résumés for potential candidates.

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Have you been keeping up with the latest in IT?

Today’s professionals should be on top of their game because you need to remain competitive. Brush up on the things you learned in school, and learn new things like green technology.

[Side Note]This brings me to a very important point that is useful for people in every profession. Many companies do not honor some online degrees (it depends). Recruiters and line managers will check the validity of the information you include them in your résumé.

While staying on top of you game, you may notice that green technology isn’t going away. Companies are continuing to invest in these energy-efficient technologies. According to the Green Wombat, in California there will be “Silicon Valley green tech startups… with a stake in the nascent renewable energy economy.” So for those looking for jobs in Northern, CA., it will be wonderful to see more green IT positions opening up.

Another indicator of an increase in green technology is Tesla Motors and the Smart Grid from Cisco. See for yourself…

In case you didn’t know, Cisco announced this week that they Cius tablet that will compete with Apple’s iPad.

The Smart Grid demonstrates that green technology continues to improve. As companies and people in their own household seek energy-saving methods. We are becoming more socially responsible that lead to greater opportunities in the near future for everyone.

Pro-Tem Solutions is always busy looking for new jobs for you. As a reminder, if you haven’t visited our website [www.pro-temsolutions.com] lately be sure to stop by and look at the new job postings!

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By now you probably have a LinkedIn account, and you have looked at our job postings on the Pro-Tem Solutions job board. Before you send us your résumé demonstrating your spectacular accomplishments and job history, what should you do? Prepare.


  • Update – Make sure your résumé has the most up to date information:

You should have an appropriate E-mail address. Include an updated Phone number, and in case you’re away your voicemail should tell people who they are calling. For example, “Hi, this is John Smith… blah, blah, blah” instead of omitting your name and saying, “I’m not able to answer your call.” Home address should include your zip code

  • Bullet Style Format – Include your computer skills.  Your job history should include Month and Year
  • Concise and Typo Free – Résumés with typos and grammar errors are turn offs to those who are reviewing it.

 Phone Interview

  • Before you take that call, allow yourself a 30 minute window for the interview.
  • Clear Line – Try to find a clear like—such as your home phone—that is not going to cut off in the middle of the conversation and no noise interference.
  • Listen – Use your active listening skills to answer questions. Listening will allow you to prepare a better answer.

Interview – “Tell me about yourself”

It is important to prepare—and we can’t stress it enough–whether it’s over the phone or in person.  Have a list of things you want to say that can be expressed in three sentences or less. In addition, don’t wait until the last few minutes of your interview to ask questions. Prepare relevant questions as the interview goes along, and have articulate answers for the interviewer.

 You can find more interview tips on our LinkedIn & Facebook discussion boards. Good Luck!

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