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We are a week into the new year and one of your resolutions  is most likely to find a new job in 2011. Where do you start?


The internet has made it easier to find new job openings and research companies. Popular job search engines like Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, Dice, LinkedIn, and Craigslist provide job seekers a variety of job opportunities. Today you can keep track of your account using your mobile phone using their free apps.

 Social Media


You may be reluctant to sign up for a Twitter account, and you don’t need an account to search for jobs. On the Twitter.com home page you can enter words into the search box.

The search results you get back are a result of tweets with hashtags, which are words preceded by the number sign (#jobs).  You can make it specific to “Accounting jobs” and the search results are updated live.

I recommend reading How To: Use Twitter Hashtags to Boost Your Job Search on Mashable for more basics on using Twitter.


It’s important to update your LinkedIn profile. Update your picture, jobs/titles, summary, etc. Add people to your network. Networking helps you where Monster and other websites can’t. That is to say, you make connections with people that work somewhere, recommend you or provide information about their jobs.


Some websites may ask you to upload your resume in pdf format to avoid viruses. On Word 2007, you choose the option “Save As” a PDF instead of .doc or .docx.

Before you send it, make sure you look at our post Getting the Job: Resume & Interview Tips


Good luck!


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Last week as I was going through my news RSS feeds, I came across an article on Fortune. The article described GILD and every thing it had to offer to IT professionals. Pro-Tem Solutions specializes in accounting, finance & IT, so I decided to check it out for myself.


Your profile is created once you sign up, but you still need to fill in the rest of the blanks. One quick way to do that–if you have a LinkedIn account–is by clicking on the LinkedIn icon under “Import Your CV.” By doing so, a pop-up window appears and asks you if you will allow gild access to your LinkedIn account.


In addition to your average looking profile, Gild has a personality test that you can take. It shouldn’t take more than ten minutes. After I completed the test I was directed to a page that stated I would receive an E-mail notification once my results were ready… But I didn’t. I was able to view the results on my Gild home page (under Activity Feed).


Gild’s skills feature allows you to add and edit skills applicable to your field.

  • Click on the specific skills you want to edit
  • Determine how much experience you have based on years & hours                                               
    • The numbers are displayed in a graph
  • Skills are classified under:
    • Business
    • Tech


Similar to LinkedIn, Gild allows job seekers to request references from people they know. The request may be made to people who aren’t necessarily on Gild (yet) by sending them an e-mail. You may ask that the person reply to your request based on a set list of skills or as a colleague.


As you are completing your profile, you earn achievements. Gild combines professional social networking (LinkedIn), social games (FourSquare), and competition to help job seekers. Aside from those features, you can complete certification tests on https://www.gild.com/certifications 

Gild has plenty to offer its users, but we would like to know how many of you are already on Gild or will try it. Let us know by leaving a comment or tweeting us!

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As businessmen and women we understand that it’s a competitive business environment. Approaching people and introducing yourself–it may be at a networking event–is the first step; but,  how do you stand out from the crowd? You stand out if you offer something the other guy doesn’t like playing golf.

To those that are unfamiliar with the game, I would strongly suggest taking a few lessons. I have taken a course on the golf basics, and before that the closest I had been to a golf club was playing golf on my Nintendo Wii. After taking that course, I learned the proper way to hold a golf club, the rules of the game and I’ve been able to play with people double my age.

No matter how young or how old, do not be intimidated. The importance of playing golf is getting to know the person/client. Of course you’re there on business, but don’t focus on that. So, what should you talk about? Almost anything. While your playing you can get to know them on a personal level by talking about plans for the weekend, traveling, and family. I still feel new to playing business golf, but Brad Wingers our Sr. Account Manager here at Pro-Tem Solutions, told me about the unwritten rule on the appropriate time to bring up business. He says, “vendors typically wait until the 13th hole” to talk business. That is to say that if you, as the seller, bring up business before the 9th hole it defeats the purpose of getting to know them. However, if they bring it up first it is okay.

Business golf is supposed to be a way to network that feels more natural and enjoyable. Although it is fun to talk, remember to avoid talking when they’re getting ready to swing. There are other rules and things you should avoid doing will learn by taking a golf class or clinic. Women should especially try this. There aren’t that many female golfers and there’s probably fewer business golfers. As a result, those that do play golf stand out. This will only lead to better networking opportunities. Who knows you might even get a promotion because your boss will get to know you better!

Oh and before I forget… Here’s another tip when playing business golf: Play the course not your friends.

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LinkedIn 101: Are you getting the most out of your job search? There can be a few reasons why you may or may not.

Facebook is used by a wide range demographic. Although most people believe it’s just for college students—it was originally created for college students—most of the users today are 40-44 years old. These users are using Facebook to reconnect and look at other user’s pictures. After all, you would rather look at your friend’s pictures and make comments as opposed through looking through a physical photo album with boring pictures of them on vacation. However, users forget that the content they upload is visible to potential employers that alone can affect whether or not you get the job.

As a result, LinkedIn is a powerful tool that is available for free but allows you to upload content that is suitable. Setting up your account is easy. The most important aspect if you’re looking for a job is being able to upload your resume.  Unlike your default profile picture on Facebook, your LinkedIn picture should be professional, and close up. The profile content should focus on your accomplishments, specialties, and experience. Also, don’t forget to include any certificates, webinars, conferences that you find relevant in the education section.  Use keywords to emphasize your qualities.

Many companies are using LinkedIn to screen candidates, as well as connecting with them for networking purposes. A degree of separation is reduced based on the number of connections you have.  Pro-Tem Solutions’ Michelle Baker, Director, Business Development, went to conference recently and she talked to LinkedIn expert Neil Lebowits. He recommends having an open network with a short-term goal of 500 connections. That leads me to another bit of information… As opposed to Facebook and other social networking sites, accept anyone who requests you!

 How you will benefit:

  • Pro-Tem Solutions, Inc. has a group on LinkedIn that provides career insights, resume tips, great articles, and connections to other professionals in our group.
  • More employers will look at your profile
  • Larger professional networking abilities
  • Recommendations!!

P.S. Personalize you profile URL!

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