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Thirty-eight years ago the first cellphone call was made, and since then we have witnessed how cellphones have transformed the way we go through life. Cellphones used to be for the elite top executives, and now they’re a must have for everyone. Just as cellphones have evolved, the way we use them has too. Are we overwhelmed, distracted, or using mobile phone productively?

Cellphones are a communication tool, and we don’t use them just to make phone calls to clients or candidates. Checking e-mails and replying is a great way to stay informed when you’re out and away from a computer. What’s easier than writing and sending e-mail? Texting. One text [160 characters] to reach a client to let them know you’re on your way or any last minute changes. Today people feel more comfortable sending out a text than making a call. Office employees used to worry about developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), but now we also worry about developing BlackBerry thumb (even for those not using BlackBerry phones).

The on-the-g0 business person also benefits from mobile applications. Mobile applications they have become a helpful tool when navigating through traffic (or avoiding it with traffic and GPS applications), and getting to your destination. Available on the app store you may find applications that help you keep track of lunches, organize clients, shipments, and stay in touch on social networking sites. Moreover, in a previous post we mentioned that there are helpful applications for job seekers just by going to the app store and searching “jobs” you get over 25 results–most of which are available for free.

According to a survey released last September, “1 in 4 U.S. Adults Now Use Mobile Apps” in the two years since the development of mobile applications the most downloaded applications are games.

So do you have the applications on your mobile device that are productive or counterproductive?


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Networking sites have drastically changed how people communicate. There’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and there are mobile applications as well as blogs that give everyone with access to the internet a voice. In 160 characters or less–depending on the site–you and I can tell our followers, friends, family, and clients where we’re going to lunch. Using FourSquare, you can earn badges for the places you have been to in the past day, week or month. Everyone knows what you are doing if you are updating your status hourly and/or daily. To put it into perspective… an article on VentureBeat.com states that Twitter has grown to 125 million users, and Facebook has 25 billion interactions a day from 500 million active users! 

It’s new, scary, fun, but it can be very beneficial when used properly. You can find just about anything online or on your mobile phone. Forget the classifieds in the PennySaver there’s an app for that. I’m not a mobile app expert, but I know that Mashable can help.

Businesses–no matter how big they are–have been jumping right in the social media band-wagon because its free to join. What sounds better than free? Do they know what they are doing? Maybe. Some companies create a Facebook page, LinkedIn group, and Twitter account, but they might not know what they are supposed to do. Online presence, and getting more visitors to your company website is not as easy as it sounds. There needs to be some sort of strategy before you jump in.

Here at Pro-Tem Solutions we are working on building our online presence via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and our blog. How? We are finding ways to communicate with clients and candidates in a way that wasn’t available five or ten years ago. We still make phone calls and send E-mails, but social media sites allow our company to provide much more.

For the past months we have been able to update our readers, follower, and candidates. Our blogs give candidates career insights such as the importance of a LinkedIn account, and resumes. We’re always looking for ways to connect to our readers, so blogging is our venue to communicate these insider tips beyond the 140 character limit on Twitter. LinkedIn discussion groups are helpful as well as we listen and give advice. Followers of @Protemsolutions get up to the minute job postings and they link interested candidates back to our site. Facebook fans–now Likes–can find interesting links to articles and our blog. All of which is important to any business. Why? Because it links people to your company’s website.

So, will you be left behind? Hopefully you won’t. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook; but, for more value content subscribe to our blog. After all, we have learned from the recession that it can’t be “business as usual” we have to reinvent ourselves in order to prosper.

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