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Pro-Tem Solutions recently posted links to positive news on our Facebook page and LinkedIn group. There are reports that say such amount of people are unemployed, and then reports saying that there are jobs out there. Below is a chart from the Department of Labor that shows how fast we’ve recovered compared to other down times. It sends people mixed signals about the actual state of the economy.

Every day we work hard to find jobs in Accounting, Finance, and IT as well as placing the right candidate with the right client. So what should you do this labor day whether you have a job or you’re unemployed?

On Facebook, you can change your settings so that specific people (maybe your boss or co-workers) don’t see those unruly status updates.

You can make it specific to the people you don’t want looking at your profile via the “Customize settings” option. Also, when you post pictures up of your wonderful Labor Day weekend you can make the albums visible to specific people and not visible to others. Your online posts may be affecting how potential employers view you.

  • Look for job postings on our website www.Pro-TemSolutions.com You’ll see that we have plenty of jobs waiting for the right person to apply.
  • Stay positive!


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Job Growth in 2010    

Not a day goes by that we don’t hear or read about jobs. Most of those reports have been of job losses for months now; however, recent reports have been promising. According to U.S. Department of Labor, the current job market has been growing.    

THE EMPLOYMENT SITUATION – APRIL 2010 (http://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/empsit.pdf)


One of the leading indicators that the market is on the rise from temporary job postings to full-time jobs. Online job sites like CareerBuilder and Dice predict this hiring trend to continue.    

Pro-Tem Solutions, Inc. offers staffing solutions for our clients with contract (long or short-term),  contract to hire, and full-time positions by filling them with the right people. In correlation with the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Pro-Tem Solutions has experienced this job growth.  We have been busy posting new jobs for our candidates as well as connecting them with the right client in the professional fields Pro-Tem Solutions specializes.    

Successful Ways to Approach Today’s Growing Job Market    

1) Find a Recruiter    

  • Recruiters work directly with line managers.

  • They offer consulting and will prepare you

2) Research the Recruiter    

  • Find them on LinkedIn
  • Read their recommendations
  • Look for their field of specialization (e.g. Finance, Accounting, and IT)

3) Prepare    

  • First impressions matter to recruiters.
  • Phone interviews are just as important as any other, so don’t take them lightly. Try to find a quiet place to take their calls.
  • Don’t forget to LISTEN. 

Pro-Tem Solutions will help you whether you are a candidate looking for a job or a client looking for the right candidate. You can find us on LinkedIn, find one of our many talented recruiters, as well as many more career insights.

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