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The majority of you are looking for full-time positions. During these times, it’s easier to find contract positions open. As you look through websites like Dice, CareerBuilder, Monster, and Pro-Tem Solutions.com you can adjust your search options. If you’re looking for only full-time positions you can click that option or you can include contract positions as well. However, you will notice that in these economic times companies have contract positions available. Why is that? Companies need candidates that can meet the goals they have that quarter or for the next few quarters (short-term and long-term).

Some companies see contract positions as a trial period, and here at Pro-Tem Solutions we see many contract employees get hired for full-time positions. If that doesn’t convince you to try a contract position, we provide the following benefits for contract employees:

  • 401k Plan
  • Individual Health Plan Administration
  • Direct Deposit
  • Employee Recognition Bonuses

In this economy and if you are unemployed don’t miss out on the opportunity of learning and working with new people. We would love to read your stories about getting hired as a contract employee and how that went. Leave a comment below!


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