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As of March 26, 2012, we have some exciting news to share with you. Pro-Tem Solutions Inc. is merging with Advantex Professional Services. We will be joining an experienced team of professionals that specialize in the recruitment areas of IT, Engineering, Accounting and Finance, allowing us to enhance our opportunities for you. Advantex, wwwadvantexps.com, is a division of Kimco Staffing Services that has over 25 years in the Southern California market.


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Thirty-eight years ago the first cellphone call was made, and since then we have witnessed how cellphones have transformed the way we go through life. Cellphones used to be for the elite top executives, and now they’re a must have for everyone. Just as cellphones have evolved, the way we use them has too. Are we overwhelmed, distracted, or using mobile phone productively?

Cellphones are a communication tool, and we don’t use them just to make phone calls to clients or candidates. Checking e-mails and replying is a great way to stay informed when you’re out and away from a computer. What’s easier than writing and sending e-mail? Texting. One text [160 characters] to reach a client to let them know you’re on your way or any last minute changes. Today people feel more comfortable sending out a text than making a call. Office employees used to worry about developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), but now we also worry about developing BlackBerry thumb (even for those not using BlackBerry phones).

The on-the-g0 business person also benefits from mobile applications. Mobile applications they have become a helpful tool when navigating through traffic (or avoiding it with traffic and GPS applications), and getting to your destination. Available on the app store you may find applications that help you keep track of lunches, organize clients, shipments, and stay in touch on social networking sites. Moreover, in a previous post we mentioned that there are helpful applications for job seekers just by going to the app store and searching “jobs” you get over 25 results–most of which are available for free.

According to a survey released last September, “1 in 4 U.S. Adults Now Use Mobile Apps” in the two years since the development of mobile applications the most downloaded applications are games.

So do you have the applications on your mobile device that are productive or counterproductive?

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Do you cringe at the sound of the words “You’re fired” or “I’m sorry, we’re going to have to let you go” at work? I can say I do because I like to have things planned out, and stability… Not to mention a paycheck! Left and right business that had survived other down economies were closing, the morning drive to work was not as bad, and many offices reduced their work force. So, if you had a job you were lucky.

During the past few years people stayed with at their job was lousy or underpaid. There were also plenty of unpaid internships… Although you can’t put an exact price on experience gained, there wasn’t much out there to choose from either. Now that there are more job openings, people have the option of staying, waiting for a promotion or moving forward.

ABC Money posted an article this week titled, “Laid Off? No, I Quit!,” which relies on recent trends in the labor market.

What would set you off or make you say, “I quit?”

  • You have a problems with your co-worker(s).
    • You may try to keep your comments PC (or not), but you can’t stand your annoying supervisor any more. Or you’re tired of all the nagging gossip. Who knows? There’s always that one person who gets under your skin.
  • Your commute is lousy.
    • Gas prices are unpredictable, traffic is a drag, or you have to travel at least an hour to get to work.
  • You need a better benefits plan
  • You’re underpaid or underappreciated

Needless to say the list goes on and something’s gotta give! 

 Now is the time to take a look at your options, and possibly Contract (long or short-term) and Contract to Hire positions a try. Last year we discussed “Being Open to Contract Positions” and there was both positive and negative feelings regarding contract positions. But with more temp positions opening than full time potions, don’t you think it’s something worth looking into?

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Let us know how you feel!

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Pro-Tem Solutions posts jobs every day (appl@pro-temsolutions.com) and every job requires years of experience. How are recent college graduates supposed to have two to three years experience if they’ve been working mostly part-time and studying for midterms their whole college life?


Most people will recommend students to get an internship, but it shouldn’t just be a recommendation. Rather, it should be required for all students. The economy may be bad, but it’s not the reason graduates aren’t getting jobs. Hiring managers are looking for the best qualified candidates, and if you don’t have any experience then chances are someone who does will get hired every time.

There are a variety of internships available that are unpaid, but the experience you gain is more valuable than the money you earn. Granted that college students have many expenses, many internships are flexible and may offer a stipend at the end of the internship. Some people may even suggest to take out a loan if you get an unpaid internship and need the money desperately, but that’s up to your discretion.

One of the goals I set for myself as a college student was to get an internship, and for the past couple of months I have been interning at Pro-Tem Solutions. As an intern for Pro-Tem Solutions, I have been able to maintain this blog, social media accounts–Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn–and experience what I’ve been reading in my textbooks first hand. Among the many things I’ve learned working for a staffing company is the importance of having experience. Luckily, I can share the knowledge I have gained through this blog.

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OK President Obama…I voted for you…I believed in you….I still believe in you!  You are grandstanding about jobs….jobs….jobs and Small Business loans. Thank you! That is my business.  My company is a small business  in the business to get professionals… jobs.  I need help on the small business loans front.   What , who and how does a small business get a  small business loan?  I went down the path with one bank recently, sending them a thorough financial package and their response was, “well, it looks as though you were not profitable last year, and the year before that you did well until the last quarter  of the year. However, perhaps you have some real estate we can attach?…oh your real estate is in California? … then  never mind” . Blah, Blah, Blah….. In essence they said no…talk to us when you are profitable. Well, guess what….if we were month over month profitable for the past year (2009 that is) I wouldn’t need a loan. Oh….and did I tell you I had to lay off 10 people to keep my company barely afloat?

2009 …although I told my staff I would not talk about the business side of 2009 again….. it sucked! Sorry I am using that word….but sometimes certain words just say it all….and “sucks” says it for 2009.

2010 there is definitely movement on the job front. We  are seeing clients hire again….BUT ….Small Business Loans….what a joke…however…I will not stop asking!

Gem#3….Be  TENACIOUS and keep asking!

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 Two weeks ago, February 4th the front page of  The Wall Street Journal  had an exciting and positive article titled  “Tech Spending Bounces Back As Profits Rise“;  The Washington Post on February 5th had an article titled  “The Economy Is Beefing Up” ;  The Harvard Business Review in the January/February edition talks about:  “…  As the new year dawns — and businesses crawl out from under the weight of the global recession — our focus is on reinvention and jobs.  Everyday I see an indicator in the news that “things”…..business, is looking up.  My company, Pro-tem Solutions, a hi-tech, finance and accounting  staffing  firm,  can say the media is not all hoopla. We are beginning to see growth. Our sales are going up, customers  are calling again with new business and positive news. Candidates are beginning to waffle again on making a committment to our job offer as they are either interviewing for several different jobs  or have another offer on the table. This is all GREAT news….I believe. Which brings me to :

Gem#2…Believe….believe  it will happen….and it will!

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Stay Tuned….

I will be adding my 3 new  weekly January “gems” next week.

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