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As you may already know, Pro-Tem Solutions is headquartered in Long Beach. Many of us read major business journals, but today we found an interesting article in the Long Beach Business Journal. The article, “Green Jobs Sprouting In Emerging Industries” discusses the green job opportunities that are available in California.  We have been reading about green jobs for a while now, and now we can say that California is leading the way with 500,000 green jobs.   

Where can I find green jobs or training?

The EPA’s website offers plenty of information regarding green jobs/technology. There are jobs that are business related–financial management, computer science–and you can find non-business jobs there as well. But, what if you’re not knowledgable when it comes to green technology. Here’s your solution: the Clean Energy Workforce Training Program. The program’s purposes is “to develop regional plans for training workers in new green technologies.” 

A local search for a training program in Long Beach (as shown in the image above) directs you to the city college.


Which ever stage you are in your career it is a great training program to look into. Why? These programs offer certification in different green tech areas, and will expand your job opportunities. 

 A couple of RSS feeds for Green news to get you started: 


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Pro-Tem Solutions recently posted links to positive news on our Facebook page and LinkedIn group. There are reports that say such amount of people are unemployed, and then reports saying that there are jobs out there. Below is a chart from the Department of Labor that shows how fast we’ve recovered compared to other down times. It sends people mixed signals about the actual state of the economy.

Every day we work hard to find jobs in Accounting, Finance, and IT as well as placing the right candidate with the right client. So what should you do this labor day whether you have a job or you’re unemployed?

On Facebook, you can change your settings so that specific people (maybe your boss or co-workers) don’t see those unruly status updates.

You can make it specific to the people you don’t want looking at your profile via the “Customize settings” option. Also, when you post pictures up of your wonderful Labor Day weekend you can make the albums visible to specific people and not visible to others. Your online posts may be affecting how potential employers view you.

  • Look for job postings on our website www.Pro-TemSolutions.com You’ll see that we have plenty of jobs waiting for the right person to apply.
  • Stay positive!

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