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You can see just from reading the word that it combines the words web and seminar. A webinar–like a seminar–gives you information on a certain topic, but the only difference its online.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get quality information. In many cases, there are webinars available free of charge. As a result, many companies are using webinar training sessions to cut costs. They are effective training mechanisms and provide value content.

How does it work?

  • You can do a search online based on the topic, and you’ll get thousands of results.
  • Pick one that you like.

  • Sign up

There’s typically a page where you input your information, and it’s used to remind you that the webinar when the webinar will take place. Don’t worry if you miss the webinar–for those that are live–because you can view it at a later time at your own pace. That’s one of the benefits of a webinar. You can’t walk out of a seminar and expect to get all the information you missed, but with webinars you can.

Why should you sign up?

  • Valuable content
  • Learn new things
  • Refresh your memory

People that have taken part in a webinar can tell you that they learned things old and new. Times are changing, and in order to survive you have to adapt to new technologies. Find ways to stand out in the job market!


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