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Last week we were started to discuss what you do after you have been interviewed for a job. Today we continue the discussion and we’ll try to help you cover your bases.


Your potential employer will ask you to submit a couple of references. I have been put down as a reference by people, and sometimes they forget to tell me what job they’re trying to get. In case they don’t tell me, I always ask because I’m one of those people who doesn’t answer calls (when it comes from a strange looking number).


  • Give your references the basics on the job.
  • Let them know when your interview takes place.
  • Ask them to have a window open before and after the interview
  • Double check you have their correct contact information

LinkedIn offers its users  opportunity to request recommendations, and give recommendations. It’s another way for employers and recruiters to learn about your skills and qualifications.

Thank You

Many people know they should do this, but how many of us actually send a thank you e-mail, or card? If you don’t you should. It doesn’t take much time. You can search “thank you cards” using your favorite search engine, and you’ll get over one hundred thousand results. The greenest form is a e-mailed thank you.

  • Remind them who you are
  • Thank them for their time
  • Don’t make it generic

The “thank you” should be sent after the interview. It reminds them of who you are, and it might just be that the other candidates haven’t sent them anything–making your name stand out.

Getting the News

By now you have marketed yourself as best you could. Your recruiter and you can now discuss how the client felt about you and why you did or didn’t get the job. Remember to stay positive!


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Waiting by the phone

You walk out the door after your interview, and the first thing people ask you after you had a job interview is, “how did it go?”  Candidates who work with a recruiter get a call after the interview to debrief (by the way, it’s okay to ask your recruiter how many candidates they’re interviewing). They ask you how you felt, what they asked you and other questions about the interview. Everyone is different in the way they deal with interviews, you may feel the interview went fine, you felt confident, or you may be unsure about it. Walking out the door from the interview to the time you wait by the phone for their call is nerve-wracking because you want to know right away if you got the job or not. 

Are they still looking at other candidates?

Recruiters typically call the client a few hours after the interview to follow-up.  Afterall, companies have to look at many candidates before they can make a choice.  You may contact your recruiter 24 hours after the interview–it’s not too soon–and it will show that you have initiative. However, you don’t want to be overly aggressive by calling all the time. Proper etiquette changes the way people feel about you.

“I’m shy. I don’t want to call, is it okay to send them an e-mail first?”

Yes, it’s fine. E-mails can convey your message in a professional matter–as long as you spell check–and the message is clear (who, what when, etc). We all have those moments when we don’t know what we’re going to say, we practice what we’re going to say before, but when you call you forget everything. There’s also that possibility that they can’t get to the phone and you leave a voice mail but it wasn’t clear. If it’s been days since you had your interview and you haven’t received a phone call, voicemail or an e-mail from the recruiters or the company, it doesn’t always mean they’re not interested.

Getting/Not Getting Hired

We will continue next week on this subject. We’ll go into references, thank you notes, and more… Subscribe to our blog & tell your friends!

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The majority of you are looking for full-time positions. During these times, it’s easier to find contract positions open. As you look through websites like Dice, CareerBuilder, Monster, and Pro-Tem Solutions.com you can adjust your search options. If you’re looking for only full-time positions you can click that option or you can include contract positions as well. However, you will notice that in these economic times companies have contract positions available. Why is that? Companies need candidates that can meet the goals they have that quarter or for the next few quarters (short-term and long-term).

Some companies see contract positions as a trial period, and here at Pro-Tem Solutions we see many contract employees get hired for full-time positions. If that doesn’t convince you to try a contract position, we provide the following benefits for contract employees:

  • 401k Plan
  • Individual Health Plan Administration
  • Direct Deposit
  • Employee Recognition Bonuses

In this economy and if you are unemployed don’t miss out on the opportunity of learning and working with new people. We would love to read your stories about getting hired as a contract employee and how that went. Leave a comment below!

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The state of the U.S. economy is always on the news, but recently there have been articles pointing to a double-dip recession. I haven’t heard of anything good related to double-dipping; so, what’s in the future for job seekers?

Pro-Tem Solutions has been posting new jobs consistently during the past couple of weeks. Take a look at our website www.pro-temsolutions.com and you will see that there are plenty of jobs out there. We’re not the only ones who disagree with the media’s negative economy reports.

The June 2010 Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):

Within professional and business services, employment continued to increase in temporary help services (+21,000). Employment in temporary help has risen by 379,000 since a recent low in September 2009. Elsewhere in professional and business services, management and technical consulting (+11,000) and business support services (+7,000) also added jobs over the month.

It is also important to note that during the Third Quarter there’s in an increase in hirings. Most companies want to meet their goals by the end of the year. This is good news for job seekers.

As a job seeker what are you doing to increase you chances of being hired?

Based on the response from professionals like yourself, we know you’re searching on places like Indeed, Monster, and CareerBuilder. Pro-Tem Solutions also uses those websites as well as Twitter and LinkedIn group to feed our jobs. It’s important for job seekers to use these resources to get to know–potential employers–companies. Follow them on Twitter, join their LinkedIn group, or find them on Facebook, more often than not they will have these pages set up and they want you to see them.  It’s one of the easiest ways to research a company before you get an interview or decide to work for them.

No matter what the economy is like, don’t forget to set up a professional e-mail. E-mails like sexykitten don’t fly and are turn offs to a recruiter reviewing your resume. Social media is your friend, but if you’re Facebook page has pictures of you downing a glass of beer… It’s definitely part of the reason you’re not getting hired. Be conscious of your online presence, it may be the difference between getting the job and unemployment.

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Have you been keeping up with the latest in IT?

Today’s professionals should be on top of their game because you need to remain competitive. Brush up on the things you learned in school, and learn new things like green technology.

[Side Note]This brings me to a very important point that is useful for people in every profession. Many companies do not honor some online degrees (it depends). Recruiters and line managers will check the validity of the information you include them in your résumé.

While staying on top of you game, you may notice that green technology isn’t going away. Companies are continuing to invest in these energy-efficient technologies. According to the Green Wombat, in California there will be “Silicon Valley green tech startups… with a stake in the nascent renewable energy economy.” So for those looking for jobs in Northern, CA., it will be wonderful to see more green IT positions opening up.

Another indicator of an increase in green technology is Tesla Motors and the Smart Grid from Cisco. See for yourself…

In case you didn’t know, Cisco announced this week that they Cius tablet that will compete with Apple’s iPad.

The Smart Grid demonstrates that green technology continues to improve. As companies and people in their own household seek energy-saving methods. We are becoming more socially responsible that lead to greater opportunities in the near future for everyone.

Pro-Tem Solutions is always busy looking for new jobs for you. As a reminder, if you haven’t visited our website [www.pro-temsolutions.com] lately be sure to stop by and look at the new job postings!

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