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Today is Arbor Day! Here at Pro-Tem Solutions, Inc. we’re going to blog and provide some information you probably didn’t know.

Pro-Tem Solutions, Inc. has been ahead of the game when it comes to being green. Three years ago we sent out cards that were made from recycled paper.

It is a simple message that demonstrates the importance of our National Forests and the environment. Today, many companies are jumping on board the green bandwagon, but at Pro-Tem Solutions being green is a lifestyle change.

Trees are very important and beneficial to our health. They reduce carbon dioxide, and if you didn’t know… Carbon dioxide is to blame for global warming. Trees are being cut down but they are not being planted at the same rate. As a result, Arbor Day–a day dedicated to planting trees–is vital to reforestation around the globe.  Below are Eight Reasons for Planting a Tree :

  1. Trees make effective sound barriers
  2. Trees produce oxygen
  3. Trees become carbon sinks
  4. Trees clean the air
  5. Trees shade and cool
  6. Trees act as wind breaks
  7. Trees fight soil erosion
  8. Trees increase property values

Did you know that it takes a 40ft Pine Tree to make a four-foot stack of paper? If that doesn’t make you say, “wow” then I don’t know what will. Deforestation is another issue that should worry all of us. eforestation should make us think twice about printing in the office, school, or at home. Trees don’t grow 40ft overnight, and paper isn’t produced just once a year. There are ways we can help. The Arbor Day Foundation provides helpful information about planting trees as well as tree facts. Additionally, recycling a ton of paper “saves 17 trees.” How are we helping? Under our Pro-Tem Solutions cubicles, we have a blue recycle bin for paper and like materials.


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Just a few weeks ago, millions of people around the world observed Earth Hour. Earth Hour took place Saturday, March 27th at 8:30 p.m and people will turned off their lights. The purpose each year is to promote energy-saving and climate change awareness. It’s relatively new compared to Earth Day; for example, Earth Day has been around for 40 years whereas Earth Hour is a three-year old concept.

Next Thursday will be Earth Day, and people do more than just plant trees. Some people and companies understand the importance of the environment and sustainability that goes beyond Earth Day. It is a matter of corporate responsibility. Pollution is everywhere, and there are startling reports that it affects low-income communities. Some companies are trying to reduce their emissions as well as their carbon footprint. Procter & Gamble (P&G) is taking a stand by making their products green and other Fortune 500 companies use green power resources.

This Earth Day we can all help the environment by recycling, finding other methods of transportation (such as bicycling, public transportation, and carpooling), and instead of printing a MEMO go send an E-Mail.

Tip for the Office: RECYCLE

Many of the items in your office are recyclable. Ink, paper, electronics, and equipment are all recyclable.

Forget those cheap disposable styrofoam and paper cups. Everyone needs to invest in good quality coffee mugs. Pro-Tem Solutions has a cabinet with chic mugs with the company slogan “Right People – Right Client – Right Time.” Switching to mugs will save you money, because you won’t have to buy cups all the time. Along the same lines, lose the plastic water bottles and use an alternative; such as a reusable canteen or getting a water filter. However, if you do use a plastic bottle remember to recycle it.

Next time think about this:

In this Feb. 15, 2010 photo released by 5 Gyres, ...

Pro-Tem Solutions, Inc. wishes you a happy Earth week!

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Are you ready when disaster strikes?

Living in California we have to be prepared for earthquakes. Unlike a hurricane , there is no way to predict an earthquake. For the most part, we only worry about earthquakes after they happen; like the old saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.” However, have you ever thought what would happen if you were at work while an earthquake occured? What about a fire or other emergencies?

It is important to ask your superiors what that plan is in case  of an emergency. Buildings have specific exits–they are usually labeled–as well as fire extinguishers and first aid kits. Under my desk there is a red “Survival Kit” and it has various items; such as, batteries, glow stick, tissue, water (with a five-year shelf life),emergency rations, etc.  This is neat because the best place to protect myself from a quake would be under my desk any way.

Websites such as US Geological Survey provide people with valuable information that may debunk what you previously thought about standing under a doorway during an earthquake as well as many other myths. Their FAQ section is filled with information everyone who live in an earthquake prone area.

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