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The millennials–also referred to as “Generation Next”–have entered the work force, and there are many preconceptions about us. What is certain is that we were born after 1980, and we have a clear understanding of technology.

Bill Gates dream was to have a “PC in every desk and every home,” and there was always a PC in my home–same goes for other people my age. Having a PC at home-made it easier to do research, homework, projects, and at the same time surf the web. As a result, [millennials] we were able to easily pick up on things such as Microsoft Office. Being around the web virtually every day made social networking seem natural.

Mark Zuckerberg, a Millennial, created the most popular social networking site today. At first Facebook the only users were college students, but now the average user is about 47 years old. Other generations are catching on to social networking sites, and for good reason. Employers now use social networking to look at potential candidate profiles through LinkedIn, and in some cases they can even see the embarrassing pictures you have on Facebook.

My advice for people who are not classified under “Generation Next” is to learn from the way we use technology to our advantage, and not to be scared of social networking. Social networking is fun, and you may even find your next job if you use [Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn] one of those sites.

The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press wrote about millennials in a more in-depth look.


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