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OK President Obama…I voted for you…I believed in you….I still believe in you!  You are grandstanding about jobs….jobs….jobs and Small Business loans. Thank you! That is my business.  My company is a small business  in the business to get professionals… jobs.  I need help on the small business loans front.   What , who and how does a small business get a  small business loan?  I went down the path with one bank recently, sending them a thorough financial package and their response was, “well, it looks as though you were not profitable last year, and the year before that you did well until the last quarter  of the year. However, perhaps you have some real estate we can attach?…oh your real estate is in California? … then  never mind” . Blah, Blah, Blah….. In essence they said no…talk to us when you are profitable. Well, guess what….if we were month over month profitable for the past year (2009 that is) I wouldn’t need a loan. Oh….and did I tell you I had to lay off 10 people to keep my company barely afloat?

2009 …although I told my staff I would not talk about the business side of 2009 again….. it sucked! Sorry I am using that word….but sometimes certain words just say it all….and “sucks” says it for 2009.

2010 there is definitely movement on the job front. We  are seeing clients hire again….BUT ….Small Business Loans….what a joke…however…I will not stop asking!

Gem#3….Be  TENACIOUS and keep asking!


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 Two weeks ago, February 4th the front page of  The Wall Street Journal  had an exciting and positive article titled  “Tech Spending Bounces Back As Profits Rise“;  The Washington Post on February 5th had an article titled  “The Economy Is Beefing Up” ;  The Harvard Business Review in the January/February edition talks about:  “…  As the new year dawns — and businesses crawl out from under the weight of the global recession — our focus is on reinvention and jobs.  Everyday I see an indicator in the news that “things”…..business, is looking up.  My company, Pro-tem Solutions, a hi-tech, finance and accounting  staffing  firm,  can say the media is not all hoopla. We are beginning to see growth. Our sales are going up, customers  are calling again with new business and positive news. Candidates are beginning to waffle again on making a committment to our job offer as they are either interviewing for several different jobs  or have another offer on the table. This is all GREAT news….I believe. Which brings me to :

Gem#2…Believe….believe  it will happen….and it will!

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