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Hello world!

Weathering  the Job Market Storm ….Pro-tem Solutions, Inc.

Well, did it. I started a blog…not a personal blog….but a corporate blog for and about my awesome company…Pro-tem Solutions, Inc. We are a full service talent acquisition/staffing firm specializing in technology, finance and accounting.  Pro-tem Solutions has been in business for over 15 years with  a stellar track record and is always seeking to be better and more progressive.  In our progressiveness…I think blogging, twittering and social networking are imperative to be successful in our world today. 

About 5 months ago, I went to see the Julia Childs movie starring Meryl Streep….Julie and Julia.  After seeing that movie, I knew I wanted to start a blog. If you are not sure what I am talking about and want to….go see the movie. So, anyway, I have spent the last 5 months ruminating on how I could create an award winning Pulitzer prize blog. I made several attempts at writing the best corporate and then personal “1st post”….after all it’s all about the writing….isn’t it?….wrong!   To write the best posts and create a good-looking corporate blog is not the answer.  Strangely, blogging is not about writing…it is about the feedback that you get.  Its about the networking and community you establish.  So, when someone posts an entry online, it is the feedback in the form of comments, links, and discussions from fellow bloggers that creates a wave and a sense of community.  

With all  that being said, my plans are to blog-share in the year 2010….52 gems of wisdom…1 per week, things I have learned over the past 15 years regarding trends and best practices in the recruiting world… By the way, Pro-tem Solutions, Inc. is very successful….it lived through 2009.  Based on all I know and feel…2010 will be awesome for all of us….if we want it to be! 

GEM #1….Be Tenacious…know that you can do it and do not take “no” for an answer. If you are a candidate looking for a new job….continue to look and interview. If you are a sales person looking for new business….continue to farm…and if you are a business owner working at staying profitable…..know that you can and say yes!


Phyllis c. Nickelsen

CEO, Pro-tem Solutions, Inc.

Long Beach, California


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